£150 Hanns G HH241HPBE 24 inch Full HD LCD TFT Monitor - Gloss Black

The HH series feature an ultra-fast response time and exclusive X-Contrast technology that enables users to view an amazingly smooth video and enjoy incredibly vivid picture quality without tiring the eyes.

The HH series offer the 16:9 aspect ratio for true HD visual experience. It equipped with both VGA and HDMI inputs, meaning you can use the monitor for computer and another HD device such as cable/satellite set-top box. player, or gaming console. The HDMI equipped models also include a HDMI to DVI cable so that you can get the best picture quality when connecting to a PC.

The HH241HPB full high definition display supports the Blu-ray devices for FHD/HD true digital content with a dramatic visual impact for entertainment and multitasking.

The HH241HPB is a brilliant display reproducing crisp data and media over a cinematic format with the added benefits of a higher resolution performance. In addition, the aesthetically pleasing design portrays a contemporary style that easily compliments any home or work environment.

Buy the Hanns G HH241HPBE 24 inch Full HD LCD TFT Monitor from Amazon for only £150 including VAT and delivery.