Google Rolls Out Android 2.2 For Nexus One Smartphone

Techcrunch writer, MG Siegler, was stunned to discover that its Google Nexus One smartphone has received an early update to Android Version 2.2 just one day after it was announced at the Google I/O Developer conference.

Froyo, as it is commonly known, has already been hailed as one of the most significant Android versions of the past months and Google has confirmed that the roll out will start on the Nexus One devices, albeit a staggered one.

While this is essentially an over-the-air upgrade, some, like Phandroid, have already come up with tutorials on how to manually install it from scratch, a procedure that does carry some risks.

Apart from the big features like much improved speed and better browser performance, Froyo also delivers a lot of smaller improvements like better search, app and phone quick keys as well as a sound alert when the battery is low.

Unfortunately, the current version of Froyo doesn't include Flash 10.1 which means that you will have to download it. In addition, It is unlikely that other Android phones will get Froyo as quickly as Nexus One.

HTC for example will have to provide with an updated Sense UI and carry out extra tests while other manufacturers, like Sony Ericsson, have not even jumped on the bandwagon, still relying on version 1.6 of Android.