The Cloud Could Blanket Cover London With Wi-Fi Coverage

The Cloud, one of UK's biggest independent Wi-Fi hotspot providers, is mulling plans to deliver promises made by the London Mayor, Boris Johnson, to blanket cover London with hotspots before the 2012 Olympic games.

The company's CEO, Steve Nicholson, told the Financial Times that "The key telecoms executives meet with Boris and the 2012 Olympic organisers once a quarter to chew over how the industry can respond to the anticipated surge in mobile internet as the Olympics come to town".

The company, together with other mobile operators such as O2, Vodafone and Virgin media, may join the foray as it is unlikely to embark in this ambitious project on its own.

As reported last week, Boris Johnson came up with the idea for such a project during a Google event, one which offered the tantalizing prospect of a partnership between London and the search giant.

Along the same lines, we also suggested that The Cloud, which is already providing paid-for Wi-Fi hotspots across the square mile, could extend its coverage to the rest of the area within M25, something that is perfectly doable given the necessary infrastructural investments.

However, given the current economic climate and the shift to a thrifty government, one can only expect private entrepreneurship to be encouraged as long as they use THEIR money to invest in these ventures.