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Facebook To Make Privacy Settings Simpler

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has hinted that Facebook, the world's biggest social networking website, will simplify its privacy settings panel to make life easier for its users.

Facebook, which is the second largest website on the internet according to Alexa, has been facing increasing criticisms from a number of parties including the European Union, the US Congress and slew of privacy campaigners.

Canada is also set to probe Facebook and two Canadians have announced a "Quit Facebook Day" for the 31st of May, urging members to close their accounts because the social networking giant is failing to protect their privacy.

A spokesperson (opens in new tab) told the BBC that Facebook understands that it made things too complex for its own users and that they will work on addressing these concerns.

Zuckerberg, who once coined the now infamous "they trust me, dumb f**ks" in reference to the site's early adopters, had to intervene himself and told the Washington Post (opens in new tab) that Facebook has missed the mark because it gave user "lots of granular controls", not necessarily what most users want.

The site is quickly approaching 500 million users worldwide and with great power comes great responsibility especially when it comes to users' privacy.

Many have started using terms such as "controversial" or "unacceptable" to qualify the nonchalant approach of Facebook to its users' privacy.

It needs to be on its guard; already at least one potent competitor has risen - Diaspora is an open source social platform that could well give Facebook a run for its money.

Désiré Athow

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