Intel Introduces Slew Of 32nm Mobile ULV CPUs

Semiconductor giant Intel has announced the release of new Core i3, i5 and i7 ultra low voltage processors that pile even more pressure on smaller rival AMD.

The processors, which are all built using Intel's 32nm manufacturing process, are set to be used in more than 40 laptops from a number of manufacturers including Dell, Acer, Gateway, Lenovo, MSI and Asus.

All the new processors are part of the Westmere micro architecture, come with Intel's new integrated graphics solution which tests showed, were more than adequate for HD video playback and Flash streaming, assuming you had the adequate drivers.

Intel says that the new range of processors will deliver up to 32 per cent better performance while consuming 15 per cent less power than the previous generation.

The ground between the small netbooks and the bigger, more traditional notebooks has seen a fierce contest from the two main rival formats; tablets, lead by the iPad and the ultra thin laptops, where Intel's CULV currently has the upper hand.

These ultra thin laptops have been the fastest growing PC category according to research firm iSuppli and their starting prices often hover around $800 which means that they offer better margins (and profits) for manufacturers who are therefore more inclined to sell them.