iPhone 4G Set To Offer Video Conferencing Feature

Apple's forthcoming iPhone 4G handset has been rumoured to come with video conferencing capabilities.

Technology blog Boy Genius Report has published screen shots received from an anonymous firmware tester for the device's iPhone 4.0 operating system, which appear to show a 'Video Calls Debugging' option, suggesting that users will be able to make two-way video conferencing calls.

The video conferencing function will require a 4G or a super-fast Wi-Fi connection to work, as 3G networks speeds don't offer sufficient bandwidth to make two-way video conferencing phone calls.

If the rumours are to be believed, the new iPhone will join the Sprint HTC Evo 4G, to be released in June, in offering video conferencing features.

Industry insiders believe that Steve Jobs will offer video conferencing on the iPhone only if the feature lives up to Apple's high standards.

Apple is very particular about maintaining its reputation for the high standard of its iPhone features and is likely to avoid introducing sub-standard features that might in any way diminish the iPhone's image.