LG Set To Unveil Windows Phone 7 Panther Handset

Pictures of the the LG Panther, the company's first Windows Phone 7 smartphone, have emerged online courtesy of Pocket-lint's Rik Henderson who managed to get a glimpse and play with the phone at a recent Microsoft event.

Hardware wise, the phone comes with a five-megapixel camera, possibly a Qualcomm 1Ghz SoC, a large multitouch capacitive 800x480 display and a slide out QWERTY keyboard plus all the cool features one can expect from the Windows Phone 7 platform; Silverlight, Bing, XNA, Microsoft Office, Zune and Xbox Live.

Interestingly, Microsoft also threw an excellent Facebook integration with contacts' latest updates displayed next to their numbers in the phone book.

Alex Reeve, Microsoft's UK Mobile Business Group director, told Pocket-Lint that the company would be bringing Zune Store in the UK by the time it is launched which will allow customers to download media files including music files. Whether it means that the excellent Zune Pass will be in the bundle remains to be seen.

Microsoft's share of the global smartphone market has been steadily falling to, under 7 percent, for a number of reasons (which we mentioned here) and it is the software giant's hopes that the new OS will help its fledgling mobile area.

(Picture Courtesy of Pocket-Lint)