News@10: iPad Sales, TV Licence Fee and an Android Music Service

Apple's iPad devices are now selling at a faster rate than Mac computers according to RBC Market analysts. Currently 200,000 iPads are sold in the US each week.

The iPad is set to surpass the iPhone 3GS as the most popular Apple device with sales expected to reach about 800,000 units per month in the US alone.

The new UK coalition government will not force the BBC into publishing the salaries of its highest paid employees or get them to freeze the licence fee.

Logitech has released more information about the Google TV set top box, set to launch in the US later this year. Logitech also stated that the Google TV companion box is likely to come to the UK in 2012.

Google has bought online music provider Simplify Media leading to much speculation that Google are in the process of launching their own Android music service.