Online? The missus is watching...

Women online are twice as likely to snoop on their other halves than men, according to a recent study of middle-aged couples.

Researchers found that 14 recent of wives questioned confessed to checking emails, 13 per cent would read text messages and 10 per cent scan though web browser history, to find out what hubby has been up to.

“One of the surprising findings was that spousal surveillance was undertaken more often by wives than husbands,” according to Ellen Helsper of the London School of Economics and Monica Whitty of Nottingham Trent University, who conducted the research.

The study of 920 couples with an average age of 49, who had typically been married for about twenty years, found that only eight per cent of men read their wives' emails, and six to seven per cent would check texts and web browser history - roughly half the proportion of women who confessed to similar activities.

Ellen Helsper, said: "General research suggests women are less technologically skilled than men. It seems they overcome these barriers when they feel their relationship is at stake."