Privacy Protestors Organise Quit Facebook Day

Two Canadian privacy campaigners have announced that 31 May will be "Quit Facebook Day", urging users across the world to shut down their accounts in protest against recent changes the social networking giant has introduced to users' accounts.

Facebook had received a number of cautions from the regulators in Europe and the USA for the complex nature of the settings users have to master in order to safeguard their privacy. Now a group of Facebook users have taken it upon themselves to teach the social networking giant a lesson themselves.

It is unlikely that a rebellion of this kind will have a great effect on the social networking company.

At the time of writing, the web site had attracted just 14,000 supporters, while Facebook is poised to announce it has reached 500 million users. This accounts for 40 per cent of all internet users, and extends the site's younger fan base to middle-aged users too.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has admitted that the social networking giant has "missed the mark" over recent privacy concerns and would soon be making changes to the much-criticised privacy options.