Seagate Claims Momentus XT Is Fastest Notebook Hard Drive Ever

As expected, storage specialist Seagate has released its Momentus XT Hybrid hard disk drive, one that brings together the best of solid state and traditional magnetic storage technology.

The drive is currently available in 250GB, 320GB and 500GB hard disk drive for as little as $113 and a maximum SRP of only $156 for the 500GB model. Seagate claimed last week that the drive would be at least 80 percent faster than mainstream hard disks and a whopping 20 percent faster than its own top of the range drives.

Early tests carried out by Anandtech, Cnet and Storagemojo show that the drive falls just short of being an exceptional one.

Performance seems to be more than adequate with Storagemojo registering a 4x speed improvement compared to his own hard disk set up. Sure, the drive goes to 500GB, half the capacity of the biggest 2.5-inch hard disk drive on the market and it does not support SATA 6Gbps but it could have been worse.

Seagate appears to have struck the best balance possible between the various variables on the table. The technology is proven, it is cheap enough and offers some decent capacity with performance to boot from.

Now, I'it will be interesting to find out what performance two of these would yield.