Slow Broadband Tops List of Britain's Pet Hates Says O2 Survey

Slow broadband connections and 'unfriendly' customer support staff have topped a list of Britain's daily annoyances, according to a recent survey by mobile operator O2.

The survey is a part of the company's Niggles and Narks advertising campaign, which highlights the irritation caused to users by slow broadband connections and rude support staff.

O2 said that out of the 2,040 people surveyed by the company, 41 per cent cited slow broadband connections as their main source of annoyance, while 36 per cent stated that rude support staff irritated them most.

This compares to 26 per cent finding crime most annoying, 18 per cent suggesting job cuts as their greatest frustration and 14 per cent believing that NHS waiting times to be their biggest daily irritiation.

Commenting on the findings, Felix Geyr, the head of O2's broadband division, said: “It’s clear from this poll that the British public is getting increasingly frustrated with the UK’s broadband services. As the new government comes in, and it looks to get the UK online and connected by 2020.”