Study Reveals Tech-Savvy Women Are the Nosier Sex

Contrary to some opinions, women are not less tech-savvy than men. That's the conclusion of research published by two English universities, which reveals that women will overcome just about any technological hurdle just to keep an eye on their partners.

The study, conducted by Ellen Helsper from the London School of Economics and Monica Whitty from Nottingham Trent University, surveyed 920 middle-aged couples in the UK.

The Times reports that the study shows that women will leave no stone unturned to keep a track of their men, learning how to operate the internet and mobile phones to monitor their husbands' behaviour.

The study is a stark revelation that it is woman and not men who are most inclined towards spying on their spouse's text inbox, email accounts and even web history.

Of the 920 couples questioned, only eight per cent of men said they felt the need to know about their wife's emails and texts,

while nearly 14 per cent of the wives admitted to snooping into their husband's emails. Thirteen per cent of women said they went through their partner's texts, and nearly 10 per cent check their web history.