Yahoo Partners With Nokia Over "Integrated Web Services"

Yahoo! has announced a surprising partnership with the world's biggest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, as they see to offer to tens of millions of users what the pair call "rich experiences that keep them connected to their world and the world around them."

According to the press release issued on the occasion, the global strategic partnership comes after five years of collaboration and both companies will "leverage" on each others' strengths in a number of fields, ranging from email to instant messaging, maps and navigation services.

Interestingly, their common statement mentions both PC and mobile devices.

The new alliance will see Yahoo starting to use Ovi Maps across all of Yahoo properties. Yahoo is already using Navteq, a division of Nokia, to power its map and navigation functionality.

In addition, Yahoo will become the exclusive provider of Nokia Ovi mail and Ovi chat which means that all Ovi users might be moved to Yahoo's excellent webmail platform.

Both companies have also confirmed that they will be merging the authentification process of both platforms. This means that Ovi users will be able to use their credential to access Yahoo properties.

Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, CEO of Nokia, said that "We’re enabling millions of Yahoo! customers in key markets including North America to discover the unique capabilities that Ovi Maps brings. Similarly, Yahoo!’s online expertise will bring exciting mail and messaging enhancements to millions of Ovi Mail customers across almost every country around the world, many of whom will have their first Internet experience on their mobile."