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3 UK Beats Rivals Up With £15 For 10GB iPad Data Plan

3 UK might be by far the smallest mobile phone operator in the country, this doesn't prevent it from punching above its weight and it is proving it once more by launching a pair of data plans for Apple's forthcoming 3G iPad device that undercuts the rest of the competition.

The network carrier, which has nearly six million users in the UK, offers (opens in new tab) a 1GB no-contract package for £7.50 per month while the 10GB one costs only £15 per month.

In comparison, Vodafone offers 1GB for £10 per month and 5GB for a whopping £25 per month. O2 and Orange add WiFi to their offers so they cannot be considered for a straight apple-to-apple comparison.

(ed : you might want to read our ultimate UK Apple iPad 3G data plan article which covers six networks and 39 plans and was released two weeks ago and will be of particular interest to those not afraid of resorting to a pair of scissors to cut a SIM into a microSIM)

Marc Allera, sales and marketing director at Three, said in a press release that 3 UK's network "has been optimized for the mobile Internet, ensuring our customers enjoy the very best mobile performance on iPad".

Interestingly, 3 UK's 10GB offer is significantly better than all the one-month traditional data offers from the six mobile phone providers in the UK... and that includes 3 UK itself!

Désiré Athow

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