AOL at 25: Looking To Get Back into Competition

Internet company AOL, which introduced the concept of e-mail and instant messaging, turned 25 on Monday.

The company, which has been struggling for some time now, is largely responsible for bringing the internet into the lives of millions of Americans.

Increased competition on the internet and some bad choices made in the past have damaged AOL's market share, but the former internet giant has been trying hard to return to its past glories, remembering a time when 'You've got mail' was the standard e-mail notification for most Americans.

In an interview with US News, the company's current CEO Tim Armstrong and co-founder Steve Case said that the company was working on catapulting itself back into competition.

When asked how the company plans to tackle competition, Case said the company's initial priority was to give users a means to access the internet.

He also stated that AOL is also focusing on offering a range of internet-based services to expand its reach.