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Asus to introduce iPhone overclocking app

If you want any more proof that overclocking is on the road to becoming as mainstream as Ant and Dec, then look no further than Asus' plans for Computex. As well as proudly displaying its latest wares, Asus tells us that it also plans to demonstrate an iPhone overclocking app.

Speaking at a pre-Computex seminar in London today, Asus' Josh Wu stated: "We are ready to use iPhone to overclock the motherboard."

According to Wu, there will be a demo of the overclocking app at Computex.

So we'll have to wait until Computex before we get all the details, but we'd imagine that the app takes advantage of the iPhone's Bluetooth 2.1 technology to enable a motherboard to communicate with the device.

Asus has already achieved a similar feat with its RoG Connect technology, whereby an Asus Eee PC netbook can be hooked up to a motherboard via a specific USB port, and then used as a fancy remote overclocking station.

Similarly, Asus has already demonstrated the ability to overclock the Rampage III Extreme motherboard using a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. However, the software originally only worked with phones using Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian. Computex will mark the first time that a motherboard can be overclocked via an iPhone app.

Asus also plans to unveil several new components at Computex, and we'll be able to give you the full run-down on Friday.