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Bartz Lashes Out Over Progress of Yahoo Recovery

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz has lashed out over claims that her company is slow to recover its market standing.

In an interview with Silicon valley blogger Michael Arrington, Bartz railed at critics who expected her to perform an overnight miracle: "I don’t want to hear any crap about something magical that the fine people of Yahoo are supposed to do in a short period of time."

The UK's Independent newspaper reports (opens in new tab) that the Yahoo CEO lost her temper when Arrington repeatedly questioned her about Yahoo's competition with Apple, telling him that Steve Jobs took three years to release the iPod, the device that changed Apple's fortunes. Why should she be any different? she said, before finishing with: "So fuck off. And that one I meant."

The interview was a part of the ongoing TechCrunch: Disrupt conference in New York.

Bartz joined Yahoo at a time when the company was struggling to hold on to its market share, trying to compete with the likes of Google and Microsoft with nothing in its arsenal.

Under Bartz, the company started to outsource core services such as search features so that it could focus on more lucrative areas like online advertising and content development.