Dell Launches Streak Mini Tablet On O2

Dell has announced that it will roll out its Streak mini tablet PC on O2 exclusively in the UK from early June with the device available on Dell's website later that month.

Ten days ago we reported that Michael Dell made the announcement at a Citrix conference that the Streak would be available on Telefonica soon and the fact that it is officially launched in the UK days before the iPad is certainly not a coincidence.

Surprisingly enough, the device is set to be launched in the UK first and then in the US and the fact that it comes with a 5-inch display makes it bigger than your average smartphone but still smaller than the iPad.

In fact, some might say that the Streak is nothing more than an enlarged touchscreen smartphone - the same way an iPad is nothing more than a glorified iPod Touch, only bigger.

It comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC, the same that can be found inside the HTC Desire, comes with 2GB internal storage (which can be expanded via a microSD card to 32GB), has turn-by-turn Navigation, has integrated 3G capabilities, a 5-megapixel camera and Android 2.1 OS.

The BBC said that the first model will come with 16GB instead and will have a front-facing camera, possibly for video conferencing. In addition, Dell seems to have developed its own applications for the Streak; pricing however has yet to be revealed.