Dell Streak Is Precursor To Tomorrow's Smartphones

One now expects a phone to be more than a voice device and the Dell Streak, this five-inch tablet-cum-smartphone, illustrates this desire for more features perfectly.

It is somewhat ironic that the device is being launched by O2, the mobile phone network that was the home of the original Apple iPhone smartphone. For Dell, this is a significant bet as the company is timidly trying to re-enter the mobility market.

Paul-Henri Ferrand, Dell’s Chief Marketing Officer, told the Times that there is a usage for an iPad form factor but also for something significantly smaller that lies between the phone and the iPad.

We've noticed over the past 24 months that the number of smartphones with bigger screens has increased notably. Back in 2007, the iPhone was one of a few devices with a 3.5-inch display.

Fast forward to 2010 and HTC's latest Evo 3G comes with a jaw dropping 4.3-inch display that's capable of showing as many pixels as the first Asus Netbook computer launched two years ago.

The five-inch screen appears to be an excellent compromise when it comes to viewing comfort and portability. The Streak is surprisingly thin, apparently svelter than the iPhone.

You will be able to carry it around with ease and the fact that it comes with Google's Android OS will make it far more open than many of its competitors. Expect a few of them to adopt Dell's ground breaking form factor should the Streak be a home run.