Facebook Pot Farm game targets stoners

Almost 450,000 Facebook users have signed up to play a Farmville spoof based on the cultivation and sale of what Howard Marks might call "medicinal herbs".

Pot Farm has a distinctly northern Californian hippy vibe to it.

The game allows players to customise avatars with "dirty blonde rasta" haircuts and a "barefoot n' vest'n" dress code, before embarking on a small-scale virtual cannabis-growing operation.

"Any resemblance to real life situations and plants is purely coincidental," the game warns.

As yet, there have been no outraged Daily Mail articles about the game. We'll be sure to provide an update just as soon as the first one appears.

The Facebook game Farmville, which lets players manage a pretend farm of the legal variety, currently has 75 million more monthly active users, for some reason, so it was clearly more than ripe for parody.