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Five Essential Apple iPad Accessories

With the launch of the iPad only a few days away, we explore some of the best accessories available on the market for Apple's tablet device and most importantly, where to source them at the best possible price. We've also published another article which explores how to get the iPad at the best price possible.

If you buy the 3G version of the iPad (opens in new tab), the most important thing you will need to get will be the microSIM card that allows you to roam wirelessly. 3 UK, the smallest mobile phone operator in the country has just released what is in theory the best data package on the market.

For £15 per month, users can get up to 10GB worth of data, courtesy of the biggest 3G network in the UK (so they say). While the package doesn't include free WiFi like Orange or O2, it does however come with a one month rolling contract which means that you will be able to swap networks very easily. 3 UK promises to give you more data for your money and that's something they may well be achieving.

We came across this Bluetooth wireless transmitter for the iPad which is manufactured by none other than one of Apple's main rival, Sony.

The TMR-BT8IP allows you to transmit music wirelessly to a compatible Bluetooth headset, car stereo or audio system up to a distance of 10m. Because it doesn't use a battery, it is lighter than most transmitters on the market and, best of all, costs only £39.50 at Amazon (opens in new tab), which is significantly less than elsewhere.

A stylus for the iPad might seems to be a rather odd idea for an accessory. But then, if you want to draw on the iPad or take quick notes, then one will come handy. Note however that the iPad doesn't offer more than one pressure level. Modern-Tech an Amazon seller is selling a pair of for the Apple iPad for only £5.95 (opens in new tab).

Most cases for the iPad currently on the market are rather traditional in their approaches. They're basically like a leather-clad diary without the pages. Enter Inique with its unique range of Tuff-Luv Bi-Axis Napa leather case cover.

Not only does it act as an iPad protector case, it is also a stand that can maintain the iPad in landscape or portrait position. Doing so allows it to provide a viewing angle of between 20 degrees and 70 degrees in landscape mode. Inique sells the case for only £44 including free delivery (opens in new tab).

Apple throws in a 10W USB power adaptor when you buy an iPad. But what if you want to charge your iPad in your car? Well, there's that interesting looking dual USB car charger from Proporta (opens in new tab) (not related to ITProPortal) which sells the device for £9.95. The adaptor comes with two USB ports that can charge any number of devices and has a useful LED charge indicator on top.

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