Google Hits Out At Apple By Revealing AdSense Revenues

Google has revealed the revenue sharing policies used for its AdSense online advertisement product.

In a blog post, Google said that the company had decided to unveil the revenue shares in the "spirit of greater transparency".

By revealing this information, Google is trying to prove it gives better revenue sharing deals than rival Apple's iAd service - and calling into question Apple CEO Steve Jobs' definition of "transparency".

According to a blog post made by the company, the AdSense program offers two separate products, AdSense for content and AdSense for search.

Google has revealed that the company gives away 68 per cent of the revenue generated from AdSense to third-party websites participating in the program.

Google also said it gives away 51 per cent of revenue to customers who used AdSense for search by installing a Google custom search bar on their websites.

Neal Mohan, Vice President, Product Management said: “Of course, we can’t guarantee that the revenue share will never change (our costs may change significantly, for example), but we don’t have any current plans to do so for any AdSense product.”