Gran Tursimo 5 launch delayed by 3D update

Sony's ultra-realistic driving sim Gran Turismo 5 has been further delayed, but this time it could be good news.

The rumour mill is alive with chatter that the latest hold-up to the game, which has been in development for several years now, is down to the impending 3D firmware upgrade which will give the PS3 3D functionality.

The Gran Turismo games, which are famous for their near photo-realistic graphics, have long been favourites with the PlayStation crowd, but the interminable delays to the latest installation of the franchise have led to the Sony faithful going over to the other side in their droves.

The game's lead developer recently said that he was, "always attuned to new technologies”, adding: "If there are display devices or peripherals that seem interesting, I'm sure we'll work to support them".

Sony told MCV, "We will be announcing further details of Gran Turismo 5 in June in Los Angeles during the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Until that time we cannot comment on rumour or speculation."

The electronics giant is expected to be punting the new 3D function (hopefully using GT5 as the killer app) as well as its 'Move' motion sensing controller at E3 this year.