Microsoft Appeal on Alcatel-Lucent Case Rejected

The US Supreme Court has refused to hear Microsoft's appeal against a lower court's decision to allow mobile maker Alcatel-Lucent to seek damages worth $358 million.

The lower court had found that the date-ticker function present in Microsoft's Outlook software had infringed patents held by Alcatel-Lucent, which had emerged from Bell Labs as Lucent Technologies.

In its appeal to the Supreme Court, Microsoft had argued that the patent claimed by Alcatel-Lucent could be declared invalid if evidence had been presented to the court when the patent was granted.

Microsoft said that when the patent was granted, it did not have access to the information that would prove the patent invalid.

Speaking to Reuters, Alcatel-Lucent spokesperson Mary Ward said: “We are pleased, but not surprised, that the Supreme Court rejected Microsoft's appeal in this case and left intact the jury decision in the federal appeals court that our Day patent is valid and that Microsoft infringes it.”