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News@5: The Pac-Man Google Doodle and Ireland's 'Three Strikes' Ruling

After the huge success of the Pac-Man Google Doodle on Friday, Google has decided to permanently make the game available to users wishing to kill a dull ten minutes.

Google may have opened the doors to a new form of advertising with its thirtieth anniversary Pac-Man Doodle game. The Doodle was played with so much that experts believe $120 million of productivity was lost whilst it was up.

Seagate have released a new portable hard drive with 500GB capacity for £57.45. It has a two year limited warranty and can be ordered with free delivery from PCWorld.

Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg has suggested that Facebook will simplify its privacy settings panel to make privacy control easier for users.

Ireland has become the first country to implement a 'three strikes' rule on piracy, giving those that commit piracy two warnings before cutting off their internet service.