Nvidia outs 256 drivers with 3D support

Nvidia has announced the first release of the 256 drivers for GTX 400 GeForce graphics cards.

Version 275.15 beta is available for download now and a WHQL certified version is expected to arrive within a few days.

The new release features support for 3D Blu-ray disks using 3D vision and better support for three-way SLI with faster anti-aliasing and higher quality ambient occlusion.

Multi GPU set-ups will benefit from a new SLI and PhysX setup page which gives more control over how your cards are configured, including real-time visual feedback.

The release also adds support for applications built using CUDA Toolkit 3.1 which enables a significant performance increase for double precision math operations, as well improved support for OpenGL 4.0.

The next version of the drivers, due to be released at the end of June, will include 3D vision surround sound.