PC World and Currys to sell iPad at launch

High Street electronics retailer Currys and computer megastore PC World will both be selling Apple's iPad this Friday, if reports of a leaked memo are to be believed.

In break from tradition, Apple is allegedly relinquishing its policy of keeping its new products all to itself and selling them exclusively online and in its own 27 UK retail outlets by allowing the two DSGi-owned outfits to get in on the act.

An unnamed blogger at Tech Central says that a memo circulated to shop staff confirmed that the device would be available at 139 UK locations this Friday, and that the company had negotiated a 60-day exclusive sales window with Apple.

The memo is also reported to say that PC World and Currys stores would not open early, no doubt to allow the Apple media machine to take full advantage of the expected overnight queues outside the company's own stores, which will open at 8.30am.

A DSGi spokeswoamn told us that she could not make a comment and referred us to Apple's press Office.

Apple's Press Office didn't answer the phone, and hasn't yet answered our messages.