Sam Mendes to direct iPhone 4G adverts

Jobbing actress Vi Flaten may (or may not) regret the day she twattered about an impending audition for an Apple commercial.

Flaten, who has appeared in loads of TV and print ads as well as a couple of low-rent movies, probaly had no idea of the kerfuffle she might cause when she announced via Twitter that her latest audition was for the Cupertino company.

"Audition tomorrow for a F***ing apple commercial directed by Sam Mendes. going to pray for like 24 hours starights for a miracle" she told anyone who cared to listen on the career-kiling short message service.

Flaten could hardly have predicted the avalanche of interest in the casual tweet, no doubt meant for friends and fans, but Engadget somehow came across the missive and soon the rumours were spreading like wildfire.

As far as we can tell, there are two possible outcomes to this whole affair.

One: the tweet was genuine and American Beauty director Mendes is indeed shooting the Apple ad., in which case blurting that information to the entire world - not to mention prefixing Apple with the aforementioned expletive - will pretty much guarantee Flaten won't even get a look-in when it comes to casting. Silly girl.

Two: There is no such commercial and Flaten is a very smart cookie who understands how the tech news industry gobbles up every word anyone ever says about Apple like a bunch of gullible baby birds... and has just got a ton of free publicity. Clever girl.