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Untap your intelligence: A 10-point strategy for effective email archiving

Industry studies show that over 70 per cent of business transactions are conducted via email. Yet locked away inside thousands of messages, order information, customer dialogues, proposal updates and historical conversations between employees past and present remain stagnant.

You should be using this information to consolidate customer relationships and win new business, but accessing this data in a timely fashion and being able to use it intelligently is becoming more and more difficult.

Bulging mailboxes are slowing down email systems that weren’t built to handle such volumes. Server footprints are spiralling out of control. Most importantly, you’re also endangering the use of your most valuable asset – business intelligence.

US regulations now apply to many UK companies doing business with their US counterparts. Over the next few years, it appears likely such regulations will also be applied by the EU – where a secure and audited copy of every internal and external email should be delivered within 24 hours of a request.

The one technology set that addresses all of these challenges is email archiving – not simply about email, but more about leveraging an untapped wealth of business intelligence to improve your business.

Created from advanced data reporting and analyses on email data, email intelligence can provide the insight needed for better management and operations.

Many organisations are counting on its versatility to help them reduce the complexity involved with managing email data, and we suggest the following strategy plan can help you choose, implement and manage an archiving solution.

10-point strategy :
1 - Be clear about why you need to archive

• Are storage costs going through the roof? Have mobile usage and Blackberry messaging created a dramatic increase in data volumes? Could backup be improved? Are valuable emails being lost? Are you running out of server space?
• Make no mistake – email has become mission critical. With staff turnover, layoffs, growth and changes in responsibility, email is your company’s lifeblood.
• Today’s email server holds more valuable information than ever before – it needs to be protected and the capacity it uses managed effectively.

2 - Build an archive team

• Although IT implements archiving policies and procedures, other groups such as HR, customer service, legal and compliance will also be using archived email data and need to have a say about what you implement.

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