£230 Toshiba NB300 Netbook

Many netbooks seriously cramp your style. But the NB300 mini notebook has a full-size keyboard and touchpad to comfortably type e-mails and update your Facebook page without skipping a beat.

Its diagonal 10.1” screen size is larger and easier on the eyes. It also comes with a durable textured finish in three sophisticated colors, so it complements your personal style too.

Newly enhanced to give you up to 11 hours of battery life rating, the NB300 netbook will have you sailing by power outlets from the moment you boot up till you log off that night.

The NB300 mini notebook is engineered to watch your back while you’re moving fast forward—with features like USB Sleep-and-Charge to keep you and your MP3 player or smart phone fully powered, a Hard Drive Impact Sensor to help safeguard your data, plus an international limited warranty.

Buy the Toshiba NB300 for as little as £230 from Argos.