Apple RIPs iPhone 3G Smartphone As 4G Version Looms

Apple has given the clearest indication yet that it has EOLed the "old" iPhone 3G smartphone; the 8GB model, which is was on sale at O2 and Orange, can no longer be purchased from Apple's website in the UK.

The smartphone is listed as being "currently unavailable". This is also the case for iPhone 3G models on sale in the US but we have yet to receive any confirmation from other countries.

Curiously, only O2 has stopped selling iPhone 3G smartphones. Both Orange and Vodafone still have it for sale on their websites; oddly enough, Tesco has quietly removed the option to buy pay monthly iPhones from its website and continues to offer the second generation iPhone.

It is probable that the 16GB iPhone 3GS will be the next entry level version with a probable 64GB iPhone 4G being introduced on the 7th of June 2010. That said, we could see a 8GB iPhone 3GS being introduced instead.

Most iPhone competitors carry only a few hundred MB of onboard memory, relying instead on a microSD card to expand capacity.

Only Nokia tends to equip its smartphone with multi GB Flash memory. Such a move would allow Apple to offer a much cheaper iPhone model to its network partners.