BT Merges Ribbit With Onevoice VoIP Services

BT will integrate Ribbit, the telecommunications company that it acquired back in July 2008, in its Onevoice VPN business solution turning it into an integrated voice system for the corporate market.

Ribbit was bought for $105 million and its main asset was the fact that it offered an open API that allowed developers to integrate advanced voice functionality in a range of services and products ranging from websites to applications.

Onevoice will be rolled out towards the end of the year with a beta Ribbit-ed version of Onevoice made available to a few corporate customers over the next few weeks.

BT Global Services vice president Neil Sutton said in a statement that "Delivering Ribbit to Onevoice customers enables them to start the journey to unified communications and accelerate the adoption of communications applications to the desktop".

Users will be able to use browser-based phones to make calls relying on a bog standard wireless internet access rather than on hotel phones or expensive mobile roaming charges.

In effect, BT just came up with the equivalent of a more resilient "Skype for Business" service that can be rolled out across tens of thousands of clients. Ribbit allows users to use their existing phone numbers unlike Google Voice or indeed Skype.