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CeBit organisers eyeing booth babes attire

Organisers of this week's CeBit business bash in Sydney Australia will be monitoring the attire of so-called booth babes in an effort to make sure that everything stays on a nice tasteful footing.

According to Aussie tech portal IT News, Hannover Fairs, the company behind CeBit, thinks things have been getting a little out of hand lately with the young ladies hired to add a touch of glamour to the testosterone-dominated event going from easy on the eye to eye-popping in some cases.

Opinion is divided at THINQ as to whether booth babes are a bit of harmless fun or just another way of exploiting starving out-of-work actresses.

Staff comments on the subject ranged from, "I really hate that whole booth babes thing, it's an embarrassment to the industry," to the slightly suspicious "Maybe the marketing blokes should do both - some sort of Borat-style 'man-tard' thing", to the truly worrying, "I'd prefer to dance about shaking me booty all day long than bull****ting to customers."

Twitter, the 21st century vox pops, is a similarly undecided place, although the tide seems to be turning against the whole concept of terminally bored, scantily-clad ladies handing flyers to slack-jawed slobs who have probably never seen a naked girl who hadn't been digitised at some point.

"When will they learn, particularly tacky/trashy this year", "It's time to respect women and get rid of the booth babes this year", and "Not a credible career move for these ladies", were just some of the comments which stood out.

We have to say, however, that the tweeter who simply said "Booth babes stink!" might have been standing a bit too close for comfort.

So are 'promotional models' a bit of harmless fun, or are booth babes an obnoxious anachronism which should have been killed off in the 20th century? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.