DeVere goes mobile with iPad and iPhone

International investment outfit DeVere is going mobile with Apple's iPad and iPhone.

The money-moving outfit - which reckons it is the largest international financial consultancy in the world and has over 50,000 clients - will launch its own App on the iTunes store in the near future.

The free App will allow users to manage their investments live and online on the touchscreen devices.

A DeVere spokesbanker said: "New research shows that we are spending 65 per cent more time on the Internet than three years ago, while online investing is becoming increasingly popular. As more people rely on their handheld devices to keep up to date with the latest news, DeVere recognises the need for a mobile application that gives users access to their investments.

"DeVere's latest service will allow investors to control their money via the use of an iPad or an iPhone, no matter where they are and how little time they have," he burbled.