Facebook finalises privacy revamp

Facebook has revamped its privacy model in response to criticism that it was selling its users out in an advertising-fuelled power grab.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg this evening announced a simplification of privacy controls that he said will make it easier for users to control who gets to see their personal information.

Far from a mere user interface overhaul, the company has introduced new options that enable users to opt out of the more site's most-controversial features.

It's no longer mandatory to share your friends lists, and it's now possible to turn off the ability for third-party applications to access your data completely.

There's also a new option to disable third-party sites' ability to see your profile data, which was one of the new features that caused the privacy rumpus to kick off last month.

Facebook is now clearly hoping to draw a line under the episode.

"I am pleased to say that with these changes the overhaul of Facebook's privacy model is complete," Zuck blogged, before going on about how he's just turned 26, perhaps trying to sound a bit less like The Man.