Microsoft Calls on China to Control Software Piracy

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer urged action, claiming software piracy in China is affecting thousands of jobs in the US.

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that the CEO of the world's largest software company said that the measures of combating software piracy in China were inferior to those implemented in India and Indonesia.

Microsoft said that the pirate software market in China had risen to $7.58 billion.

During the interview with Bloomberg in Hanoi, Vietnam, Ballmer said: “India is not perfect but the intellectual property protection in India is far, far better than it would be in China. China is a less interesting market to us than India, than Indonesia.”

The American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing has noted that American corporations are finding it more and more difficult to operate in the People's Republic of China owing to the strict regulatory measures applied by the government.

China is predicted to surpass the US as the largest PC market in the world by the end of 2011.