Nokia Releases Software Update for N900

Mobile phone maker Nokia has released a software update for its flagship N900 smartphone.

The version 1.2 software update will bring new and exciting games for the smartphone, joining the line up of games already available from Nokia's Ovi store, including Zen-bound, Angry Birds (level pack), Jurassic 3D Rollercoaster, Weatherbug, and GoGadget.

The Finnish mobile company has paved way for better communication between users, introducing video calls, improving the smartphone's e-mail client and adding support for Facebook instant messaging.

In a blog post accompanying the release, the company informed users that the phone will not support the MeeGo mobile operating system, despite its use for platform development.

The blog post explained: “Nokia realises this news may be a disappointment for some, rest assured that Nokia will continue to support the core Maemo software on your Nokia N900, as evidenced by the PR 1.2 (V10.2010.19-1) update available today.”