UK Gov could save IT cash by going green

Government departments can lower costs with better green credentials according to storage solutions provider Quantum.

In the wake of the announcement that the ConDem coalition will be swinging the axe on all new projects costing over £1 million as well as sweeping rethinks of other departments including the education IT think tank BECTA, Quantum reckons the cuts should be seen as "an opportunity to implement a greener IT environment."

"Government departments will need to return to the drawing board in an effort to cut the cost of running IT infrastructures without compromising on productivity and business critical functions," said the company's area director for northern Europe, Steve Mackey. "With IT projects now being reviewed, costs can be cut by streamlining data storage and backup solutions which typically consume a large proportion of the IT budget."

The company, which coincidentally specialises in intelligent storage solutions with de-duplication unsurprisingly says, "Intelligent storage solutions with de-duplication allow more data to be stored on less hardware, enabling data centres to operate more efficiently and with reduced power required for cooling. By allowing for remote site backup from a central location, administration and equipment costs can also be reduced.”

We're not entirely sure how sending millions of pounds worth of perfectly serviceable storage to a landfill site stacks up with our green agenda, but Mackey is convinced that it's the way forward.

"Adopting an energy efficient storage strategy will not only reap cost benefits but will also align neatly with the coalition’s low carbon policies making it a win win situation."

And if Quantum gets the contract, which it won't because of the current moratorium on new spend, it could be a win win win situation.