14,000 Apple iPad Tablets To Be Delivered In The UK Within 24 Hours?

The countdown to the year's biggest Apple launch so far has begun and in less than 24 hours, thousands of Britons will have received their first UK iPad devices or buy them from the device from either Apple stores.

Currys and PCWorld (but not Dixons) have iPad static pages ready to go live (but still without any info) but these should be updated within the next few hours. We expect that only some stores will have available stocks and these are likely to be less than a few dozens each, if not much less.

Electro Candy's Adam Roche said that he contacted TNT UK and was told that a first batch of 13,700 iPad tablet PC has already arrived in the UK and that delivery has already started. It is very likely that all the iPads of the first batch have already gone.

Not surprisingly, #ipad and #ipads have been trending today on Twitter and according to the Daily Telegraph, dozens of Apple fans have received their iPad 24 hours before the product is due in the stores.

We will be covering the launch of the iPad live from their Regent Street Store from 7am and you're invited to join us. You can already bookmark our video landing page here where you will find the livestream.

ITProPortal also launched a contest inviting prospective and current iPad owners to get up to £500 worth of iPad accessories (including iPad Apps and Apple iTunes Credit) simply by submitting the list of accessories they'd like to have. Simples!!