ARMDroid OLPC Tablet To Come Before 2011

The man behind the One Laptop Per Child project, Nicholas Negroponte, claims that there will be a working prototype of the XO3-tablet available by the end of the year, two years before the product was actually scheduled to arrive.

The successor to the $100 laptop should be launched at the next Comsumer Electronics Show in January 2011 says Negroponte and will be based on the Moby Tablet from Marvell which is expected not only to support Flash but also feature "social media" and eReader capabilities.

Negroponte reckons that the device, commonly known as the OLPC XO (see pictures here), will cost around $175 at launch and will come with at least one video camera, WiFi, multi-touch functionality, a backlit 9-inch screen with an onscreen keyboard, USB ports and enough hardware resources to play HD content, all apparently powered by Android (or Chrome OS maybe).

Chipmaker Marvell Technology group is said to be behind the device and will provide the ARM-based hardware. One can expect it to be based on the ARMADA 600 application processors that come with Bluetooth, GPS, FM Radio as well as reaching speed of up to 1GHz.

Like the VIA-based tablet that we wrote about yesterday, an entry level OLPC XO tablet is expected to sell for around $100.