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Facebook Caves In Over User Privacy

Social network Facebook has bowed to public pressure, simplifying its controversial privacy settings into a single page.

Admitting that the site's user privacy settings had "gotten complex", Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg yesterday introduced (opens in new tab) the new personal privacy settings.

Writing on the Facebook blog, the CEO said the changes to the security settings had been made in response to negative feedback given by users of the social network.

He added that Facebook would always seek to make improvements to features based on the feedback it receives from its users.

The company has introduced 'single-click' privacy settings for all content types posted by a user on the social network, meaning that users can define who can see what by clicking just one button.

Previously, users had to wade through up to 170 different options to apply privacy settings to their Facebook content.

Facebook has also decided to limit the amount of basic user information publicly available, and has done away with its connections privacy controls.

Users will now be able to specify which websites and applications can access their information.