Fibre Could Push UK Broadband Lines Past 25 Million

Analytics firm Point Topic has predicted that superfast broadband could push the number of UK broadband connections well past the 25 million mark by 2014.

The speculated number of broadband connections by the end of this year has also risen from 19,580,000 to 19,790,000. Currently the UK has 18 million broadband lines.

Point Topic predicted that 'fibre to the cabinet or premises' (FTTx) would meet with similar success to that achieved by BT's DSL service when it launched in the mid-2000s. DSL connections grew from 550,000 to 12.3 million between 2003 and 2007.

Point Topic has also predicted that FTTx will number around 16 million connections by the end of 2016, with many users migrating away from DSL broadband.

Tim Johnson, the head analyst at Point Topic said: “We forecast that superfast broadband will do the same around the middle of this coming decade.”