Google Releases Privacy Tools for Google Analytics

Google has added two new tools to its Google Analytics services in an effort to prove it cares about user privacy.

Google Analytics gives advertisers and marketeers information about specific web sites based on the browsing habits of their users.

The first of the tools is a browser add-on aimed at allowing users to opt out of participating in the Google web analytics program.

The add-on, currently available for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, will stop user information being made available to Google Analytics customers, by blocking Google Analytics on websites.

The second tool enables webmasters to anonymise users' IP address before they are sent to Google servers, making it easier for users to protect their privacy and web identities.

The tool will allow only a part of the IP address to be transmitted to Google servers, ensuring that web surfers providing data for the Analytics program remain anonymous.

In a statement, director of product management at Google Analytics Amy Chang said Google wants to empower "users with transparency and choice when it comes to privacy".