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ID Card Scheme Scrapped in 100 Days

UK Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that the national ID scheme and the National Identity Register scheme will be scrapped within the next 100 days.

The Guardian reports (opens in new tab) that the bill to abolish the ID card scheme will become the first piece of legislation to be passed since the election of the new coalition government.

The Home Secretary said that the 15,000 ID cards already issued by the Labour government under the £4.5 billion ID card scheme would be made void.

May said there will be no chance of a refund for the £30 paid by the owners of the cards.

Theresa May said: “This bill is the first step of many that this government is taking to reduce the control of the state over decent, law-abiding people and hand power back to them.”

She added that the passing of the bill will also terminate the position of Identity Commissioner, created by the previous Labour government to regulate the scheme.

The government said that early termination of the scheme would save £86 million over a period of four years, and avoid an expected £800 million in administration costs.