Intel, Microsoft reported ganging up on ARM

According to an unsourced report over on Taiwanese news source Digitimes, Taiwanese vendors such as Asustek and MSI are being leaned on by Intel and Microsoft in an effort to promote Windows 7 systems running on Intel's Atom, over and above those running competing operating systems on ARM-powered devices.

According to the report Asustek and MSI will be pushing Wintel-based tablet PCs at the upcoming Computex tech fest in Taipei, while giving ARM the cold shoulder.

Asustek and MSI showed plans to use Nvidia's Tegra chipset with Android OS in tablet PCs this year, but the wire says "persuasion" from Intel and Microsoft has helped put these plans on hold.

ARM-designed chips power most mobile phones you can think of. Intel's Atom powers netbooks but is struggling to find its way into smaller devices because of its power requirements. The tablet arena, exemplified by the iPad which uses a different chip, altogether combined with Apple's own OS looks like being the new battleground.

We've asked Intel for a comment on the allegations and will update this story when this is forthcoming.