LinkedIn Users Can Watch Their Profile on Twitter

Business networking site LinkedIn has introduced a new feature, "Connections", which enables users to keep a track of their LinkedIn profile via Twitter.

Updates will appear once users have added their Twitter accounts to their profiles.

Connections has been introduced as a part of the Tweets application suite, released back in November 2009, which allows users to follow their account on Twitter through Linkedln and vice versa.

The apps suite has already gained nearly one million users.

Adam Nash, vice president of Search and Platform products at Linkedln, has said that the networking site's next step is to make more users aware of the new application, as one million users out its total user base of 50 million is negligible.

The Tweets application gives LinkedIn potential access to the 100 million user base of Twitter, as well as the micro-blogging site's important collaborations with social media giants including Facebook and Microsoft.

Connections has been added to the "Follow" section, to tempt more users into trying it.