Microsoft Launches Energy Monitor For Greener Homes

Microsoft has released an new online service that helps users analyse their energy usage.

Launched on Wednesday and currently only available to US residents, Microsoft Hohm is a tool designed to catalogue and score the power efficiency of nearly 60 million homes in the United States.

Hohm general manager Troy Batterberry has said that the service works by collecting general information like weather, bills, size of home, location, to analyse energy usage.

Residents with power supplied by Seattle City Light, Sacramento Municipal Utility District and Xcel Energy can link their power bills to Hohm and pass on detailed information about the energy usage in their homes to receive an approximate score.

Hohm will then provide the users with customised advice on how to cut down on energy usage.

Currently the service provided by Hohm is free, and simply requires users to register their details in order to use the service.