News@5: Apple's Rise, Microsoft Hohm & the iPad

At the close of trading yesterday, Apple had pushed past rivals Microsoft to become the world's largest technology firm. Apple are also now the second most valuable US company after Exxon Mobil.

Microsoft has released a new online service to help users to analyse and cut down on their energy usage. The service is currently only available to US residents receiving energy from selected energy firms.

The BBC has announced that it will release a specially designed version of its TV streaming service, iPlayer, for the iPad. The new iPlayer will be released on Friday and will be available for download through the iPad App store.

Sony's games console, the Playstation 3, is set to overtake Microsoft's Xbox 360 games console in sales and market share this year. Nintendo's Wii, however, will still remain top.

Tomorrow is the release of the long awaited Apple iPad tablet and TNT UK have already confirmed that the first 13,700 have already begun to be delivered with a few lucky customers already having received their device.