The Original Apple iPad Tablet Concept

Two years ago, Designer Chris Messina, came up with an article with a new Apple concept products called the iPad Touch and which, spookily enough, was published two days before the iPad got mentioned in the now infamous spoof by MadTV.

Chris makes some tantalisingly close predictions that turned out to be true, two years later. Yes, the OS used is the same as the iPhone (and the iPod Touch). It is, as he says, that the device is "basically a glorified iPhone, just 2.5 times the size".

There's no keyboard, no CD or DVD slot, mouse or touchpad and he mentions a 12 hours battery life; not very far from Apple's own estimates for the iPad.

He suggested back then that the 64GB version would sell for $899 (Apple sells the 3G version for $829) and that the 32GB version would sell for $699 (Apple sells it for $729).

He did not however predict that the device would be available with 3G connectivity nor that it wouldn't even have a USB port or that it would be launched in 2010, not in 2008 or 2009.

As for the mockup itself, it is pretty close to what Apple came up with except that Messina's one is thicker and has a much thinner frame.

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